As the art director for Symboliq Media, I overlook all visual content that is created by my staff, work hand-in-hand with clients to launch and maintain brands, and create websites, brand guidelines, applications, and video as needed.

My primary focus as an art director is to ensure that all visual content is produced at the highest possible quality. I work with our designers, developers, content writers, and videographers to make sure that every piece that leaves our building is top notch. This comes in the form of proofing, creative meetings, and occasionally taking over other's pieces and seeing them to completion. As a digital agency, we strive to maintain the highest possible quality for all clients. This is achieved by creating a system of checks and balances that allows me to guide content in the correct direction at all times.

My daily work also includes meeting with clients to create timelines for projects, producing scopes of work, estimating project budgets, and assembling my creative team to ensure that the client's needs are fully met. In this phase of the job, my goal is to understand my team's strengths and apply them in the best possible configuration. As my creative team guides clients along their journey I am often called upon to front new initiatives for the client's brand. This portion of the job has a seemingly endless variety of tasks. For one client it could mean doing market research in order to ensure that all creative content for a new product launch had proper shelf presence, while for another it could mean analyzing social posts and creating engaging content optimized for the brand's followers. While it is certain that each day a unique task will arrive, one thing I can be sure of is that I will find the perfect creative solution for whatever comes our way.

Lastly, my "daily-duties" range from that of a graphic designer, web designer, content writer, photographer, and videographer. A day can consist of creating motion graphics for a client and exporting them in several different mediums and ratios each optimized for their home on the web, while the next task could be creating a logo for a client who has founded a new company and needs packaging for their line of products which I will photograph in-house. Additionally, when a client comes to us looking for a website I will create working mockups and forge the site's copy, content, and tone to allow the client to see a "living-and-breathing" version of their website before we get final approval.

Graphic designer

JAN. 2017 - Nov. 2018 • San Antonio, TX

My daily assignments as a graphic designer for Gulf Business Printing included working with clients and corporations on a personal level via email, through in-person meetings, and purchase orders. My work consisted of three primary disciplines; print design, wide-format design, and digital design. Jobs would often weave across all three of these mediums offering a fun, creative challenge on a daily basis.

Print projects typically range from the creative conceptualization of entire campaigns to typesetting forms, documents, magazines, and various publication designs. All files are expected to be created and filed in an organized, clearly labeled, and print-ready format. This was enforced on my end by meticulously inspecting pieces for proper bleeds, printer marks, print resolutions, color spaces, naming conventions, layer hierarchy, the embedding of all necessary imagery and fonts, and other trade standards.

Wide-format projects generally follow the same guidelines for production, but a few critical variations differentiate it. The principal differences include using scale and spatial awareness to ensure legibility at multiple distances. These practices are often combined with art direction and different mediums to create unique pieces ranging from banners and advertisements to complicated contour cut and multi-dimensional prints forging looks that leave lasting impressions on the viewer. Once these pieces were approved, I worked with a Raster Image Processor to ensure the highest quality end product.

Digital design covers the broadest spectrum of projects and Gulf and often involves multi-faceted timelines instead of the a-to-b timelines often seen in print and wide-format projects. While tasks like social media marketing, wireframing, and digital advertisements are common; my primary digital work consists of user interface design.  UI projects generally begin with a conversation. I'll work with the client to identify their goals and users then start wireframing the design and eventually revising them into our finished design. Once the client has approved the design, I will create optimized files being sure to intricately label all buttons, images, and layers and hand-off the files to a web developer working closely to ensure that all assets look correct at their specified breakpoints and correct any visual errors.

Lost Boyz, INC.

Sep. 2016 - MAY 2019 • Chicago, IL

The Lost Boyz mission is one that is near and dear to my heart. They are a non-profit that uses baseball to reduce inner-city violence in Chicago. Working as the sole graphic designer, I create a multitude of print and digital projects accompanied by social media management to help them promote their message!

Print projects include annual reports, event advertisements, posters, internal documents, and various one-off designs while accruing feedback from the entire Lost Boyz team to improve upon the final pieces consistently. Once a piece is finalized, I work with local printers to ensure that all pieces were correctly printed and distributed.

Digital projects are split into two major categories; marketing and outreach. Marketing tasks include the assembly, tracking, and optimization of all email campaigns, digital promotion, and the ideation of new campaigns. Outreach is compromised of creating pieces that connect the community with Lost Boyz. These pieces vary wildly from month-to-month and are a combination of collateral pieces that support any current events or promotions mixed with individualized thank-yous to supporters.

Social media management tasks include acting as the administrator of the brand's social media accounts. Additionally, I illustrate, prepare copy, publish posts, schedule events, follow current social trends, and interact with users to maintain a relevant and interactive social presence at all times.

Parker LEe Graphic Designer

Oct. 2012 - Present • San Antonio, TX

Working as a freelance graphic designer, I lend my services to a vast mixture of clients and corporations and a broader range of projects. I focus on learning about my clients and their goals to craft the perfect creative solutions. While deadlines and duties change on a daily basis, the most common projects are branding, collateral, and client relations.

The pride and joy of my business is branding. I believe in crafting an identity by studying the company and working hand-in-hand with my clients. This allows me to comprise a mark that genuinely defines who they are and what they represent. I see a brand as more than a logo, and I attempt to convey that in every branding project I have the pleasure of working on.

Collateral compromises the majority of client projects and ranges from print to digital. While most of these are unique one-off projects, there are a multitude of recurring projects such as social media marketing, brochures, magazines, annual reports, annual events, business cards, pamphlets, and calendars. Some of the unique pieces include video presentations, wide-format pieces, Every Door Direct Mailers, custom illustrations, and so much more!

The final and most important piece of my business is client relations. The primary goal is to ensure complete satisfaction on every project.  When I start a project with a client, I want them to know that their happiness is my goal, no matter what it takes. Whether it's a quick change a few months down the road, feedback on a project I'm not involved in, or just checking in to see how business is going; total satisfaction is the primary goal of my business. I genuinely believe that it separates me from my competitors and shows across every piece I have the pleasure of working on.

Graphic designer

MAR. 2015 - NOV. 2016 • LAKE DELTON, WI

As a creative designer for a company laser-focused on print projects, my duties required attention to detail on an extensive quality checklist to assure picture-perfect prints every time. Every day was filled with projects varying in size and style. These projects usually fell into one of these categories: Pre-press setup, creative formatting, and total print management for a national fast-food chain..

Pre-press set up differentiated Econoprint from everyone in the area and beyond. I ensured that projects were print ready at all times. This required consistent and accurate packaging, labeling, and organization of files at all times. Files would be stored on a local network and would be checked in and out like library books by other designers. This justified the high organizational standards because at any time any other designer may need to check out your file and need to make changes. I've applied this method to every piece I've created since and it has paid-off countless times.

Creative formatting was another aspect of my daily duties. Working in-person with clients and following prewritten client instructions, we took projects from concept to print acting as designer and art director. Per instructions, designers would often come up with alternate visions of the client's ideas; doing this showcased that we were more than a print company by allowing the client to take full advantage of all the unique print and creative services we had to offer. 

Acting as the lead designer for a national fast-food chain I designed print, wide-format, and digital pieces to be used in the restaurant and as marketing materials. From typesetting small pieces to designing entire holiday campaigns and store launches, no task was too big or small for this nation-wide chain. This also called for an updating of all dated, seasonal, and promotional pieces; all of which needed to be redesigned on an annual basis for the franchisee's in-store catalogs.

JR. Graphic designer

SEP. 2014 - DEC. 2014 • MADISON, WI

Working as a junior graphic designer / environmental designer, I spent my time conceptualizing and designing spaces, creating user interfaces, and working with companies to rebrand their logos. 

Collaborating with my seniormost art director, I worked with multiple NCAA teams, NFL teams, medical facilities, and local companies to completely redo outdated spaces, working to redesign everything from floor to ceiling. Once a general theme was approved, I would create to-scale mockups of the environment including any three-dimensional pieces that would need to be designed at a later date. Once this look was approved, I would move on to the creation of physical pieces including plaques, displays, murals, graphics, and wall art. 

On the opposite spectrum of design, I was frequently tasked with the creation of user interfaces for different multimedia projects. These interfaces were created for kiosks and interactive experiences in museums, NCAA stadiums and venues, and businesses. After taking the supplied information and reformatting it into the theme of the remodel, I focused on the user experience to allow seamless and timely interactions which met all ADA standards.

Another common task at Zebradog was the rebranding of clients. As part of the company's offerings, rebrands were commonly done when larger environmental projects occurred. Requiring more attention to detail then a usual rebrand, I had to keep environmental design in mind and create marks that held up at tremendously differently scales while still incorporating the company's history forging a mark that would last for generations.


MAy. 2014 - AUG. 2014 • MADISON, WI

During the quarter year internship offered by Hiebing, I was tasked with a wide variety of projects to establish the feel of daily life at an advertising agency. Soon after joining the team, my workload graduated to that of an in-house graphic designer, and I was taken under the wing of an art director. They tasked me with photo manipulation, infographics, and user interface design.

Photo manipulation was often done for a national fast-food restaurant, a national brewing company, and a Midwestern gas station chain. Items like food and drinks were retouched to remove blemishes, correct color, color matching to other pieces, and isolating the image from its background to make the images more appealing, then exporting them at different scales from wide-format to mobile and optimizing their resolutions and color spaces.

After seeing some of my initial work the art director I reported to noticed my knack for illustration. They then moved me to the creation and illustration of infographics for print and web. After proofreading and illustrating the provided copy, the infographics would then be optimized for print and web.

User interface design was another day-to-day task that Hiebing required of me. Projects began with wireframing, and after initial approval, a mobile, tablet, and desktop version of the website were produced and exported then tested until they were pixel perfect. I would then work hand-in-hand with the web developer to ensure that the finished product matched the approved content.


APR. 2013 - SEP. 2013 • SCHAUMBURG, IL

My season-long internship with the Schaumburg Boomers, a minor league baseball team, consisted of a wide variety of design tasks ranging from photography, digital, and print.

Using a combination of personal camera equipment and the Boomer's DSLR and video cameras, I was tasked with shooting photos and video at every home game and select away games. I then selected the best pictures, edited, and posted them on our social accounts for real-time interaction and updates with fans. This also included the cataloging and editing of all photos so that the creative team could easily access them at any time.

The digital aspect of my internship focused on the promotion of upcoming games and events. I created various social advertisements, email campaigns, and digital offers while collaborating with the creative marketing manager to ensure every piece connected with our current target market and that an acceptable ROI was maintained with A-to-B testing. 

The Boomers also required a substantial amount of print work. Flyers, posters, reports, promotions, and others including season ticket packages, variable print mailers, and billboards. I oversaw the conceptualization and printing of these pieces ensuring that brand standards were always upheld.



I was a full-time Jeff Ellis & Associates trained lifeguard. Our goals included; maintaining a safe and clean swimming environment for pool patrons and staff, providing first aid when needed, becoming CPR and AED certified, maintaining certification by constant in-service and testing from Jeff Ellis & Associates.



During my time at The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg I was listed on the President’s and Dean’s Honor Roll.



Recipient of several prestigious art awards and scholarships from Scholastic, Adobe, and The Art Institutes.


A multiple week course focusing on advertising, marketing, user engagement, and analytics followed by rigorous instructor led testing.



Adobe Acrobat, After Effects, Bridge, Distiller, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, and XD • eDocBuilder • Fiery Command Workstation • FTP Programs • Gimp • Mail Chimp • Macintosh OS • Macintosh Keynote, Numbers, and Pages • Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, and Word • Quark • Social Media Platforms • Windows OS


Advertising • Art Direction • Branding • Conceptual Thinking • Color Theory • Corporate Identity • Digital Layout • File Organization and Hand Off • Illustration • Package Design • Photography • Print and Pre-Press Production • Publication Design • Time Management • Typographic Layout • UI/UX Design • Visual Ideation • Wide Format Design


Assembly • Client Relations and Presentations • Color Matching • Creative and Editorial Writing • Estimating • Kitting • Logistics • Mockup Production • On-Site Conceptualization • Print Production • Proofreading • Quality Control • Shrink Wrapping • Sketching • Internal Technical Support • Trimming, Scoring, and Folding



Listed as an “Emerging Designer” member and featured at the chapter's annual meeting, I frequently participated in, networked, and volunteered at Chicagoland design events.

Best of San Antonio AWARDS

A panel of San Antonio businesses and leaders nominated and awarded me with the 2018 Best of San Antonio Award in the category of Graphic Designer for recognition of my contribution to the community.


“Featured Cities Artist” with geofilters reaching 38.6 million and growing user interactions. My geofilters are frequently featured on Snapchat's website in the how-to and outstanding example sections.


Competed in a branding contest for the Chicago Paralympics bid which was not selected due to another countries bid winning the hosting of the Paralympics for that year.


As the Social Media and Student Representative, I promoted and created collateral for the annual design conference held by the Illinois Institute of Art -Schaumburg student group.


In my free time I run a non-profit that works to help non-profit or bankrupt Wisconsin businesses at no cost under the condition that they give back to their local community in some way.