What makes a business iconic? Honesty. Plain and straightforward. When a brand is honest with its customers, it creates a bond that no amount of money can buy.

I'd like to tell you a story about a brand that has gained me as a customer for life. Buc-ee's gas stations. They don't have an award winning logo, a million dollar advertising team, or a life-changing product. Now, I don't mean to disparage them, but brands like Coca-Cola and Apple could never buy what this little gas station provides me as a customer. Honesty.

I found this little pit-stop as I made my way through the Texas panhandle. Being continuously greeted by a billboard every few miles that told me how far I was from a Buc-ee's or countless advertisements filled with puns telling you about the strange road side attraction. No matter how many billboards I saw, there was always one thing absent: gimmicks.

Image Credit: congeliovb

Image Credit: congeliovb

Before we could reach the gas station, I decided to look them up on social media. I was greeted with literally hundreds of 5-star reviews with customers ranting and raving about the oversized gas station.

But, what caught my attention was how the business conveyed themselves. From social media posts to outdoor signage they weren't selling products or plugging cheap eats like every other fuel stop. They were building their brand. From beaver related puns to tips and tricks for Texas living they were marketing themselves as a member of the family, of your family. While a product was sprinkled in once in content from time to time, it was never the focal point.

Image Credit:  GuideLive

Image Credit: GuideLive

I think we can learn a major lesson from this. Yes, Buc-ee's logo is iconic in its own right. You can't take five steps in their store without seeing it placed on every product imaginable. But, how they use it is the key. Think of it as a sidekick; whether online or in-person it's always there, but a good logo never steals the show from the real hero; your business.

So, let's tie this all into your business. A proper logo is a perfect complement to your business. Just like the right sidekick makes the hero better, branding can indeed save the day. On the opposite side of things, a bad logo can make the real hero; your business looks its horrible. No matter how good of an experience you have, the logo is still your ambassador. So, let's save the day and give your business the sidekick it needs; let's get your business a logo that tells the world how you kick butt in your own way.

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