Parker was always an outstanding member of our team, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism, his impressive knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud software, web page development, and his utilization of the latest technology. In addition to Parker’s impressive portfolio of professional accomplishments, he has one of the best personalities I have ever had the joy of working with. He is a fun-loving and friendly individual who always treats everyone in an amicable and welcoming manner. There is no one at our company that does not think of him fondly.
— - D. Hinshaw - Sr. Graphic Designer - GBP
...One of Parker’s strongest assets to our company was his expert knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite. Parker is a constant learner and takes the initiative to learn new ways of using the software or troublshooting technical issues. His strong software skills and creativity allowed Parker to create successful design solutions for our
clients. I am confident that Parker is the type of team player that is valued in any organization...
— K. KOPLIN - Design & Prepress Manager - ECONOPRINT
...From infographics to inspirational quotes, we automatically looked better after his input. As an organization mostly run by volunteers, it can be difficult to find someone with design and creative skills coupled with dedication to timeliness and consistency. But again, we found those exact qualities in Parker and it has made a tremendous difference...
...You will find Parker a solid graphic designer with the ability to communicate well with his team.... I would recommend him to you as someone who will make a solid contribution to your creative efforts....
— M. Schmitz - President - Zebradog
Besides being dedicated to the team, Parker has a natural talent for illustrations and an eagerness to be a good designer. He undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him and would be a hardworking, positive asset to any organization.
— A. Turner - Studio Supervisor - Hiebing
Working with Parker has been a fantastic experience! He combines his amazing artistic abilities and marketing knowledge with a sincere passion for helping people. I look forward to doing business with him again.
— P. Bohmfalk - Owner- Medina County Plumbing
... I would definitely recommend him if anyone wants to take their small business to the next level.
— M. Contreras - Gaming Expert - Microsoft Store
...Parker’s passion for the graphic design industry is very apparent and welcome for me as designer myself. I was able to converse with him on new ideas and technologies coming out that could benefit the organization. During the season I charged Parker with multiple tasks spanning different disciplines of the industry including print design, web design, and video to which I was more than satisfied. I believe Parker would be a great asset to any team and would hire him without hesitation.
— D. Tomaszewski - Creative Marketing - Schaumburg Boomers
He did an amazing job on the logo for my company. Working with Parker was a great experience.
He is extremely polite and courteous and listens well to your needs and your vision. I would highly recommend him.
— J. Merschoff - Owner - Kraut Brothers
...Parker is a very dedicated person to his occupation and skill. He is very responsible and I am sure you would benefit greatly from his services...
Top notch graphic designer. Won’t go with anyone else.
— D. Nelson - Designer - Jerrica Zaric Interior Design